Purification engineering for pharmaceutical and biological industries

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According to customer requirements, design and construction levels hundreds and hundreds of meet the requirements of GMP purification plant, animal laboratory, physics and chemistry laboratory and microbiology laboratory, in strict accordance with the “drug production management norms” and “technical specification for construction of biosafety laboratories and other professional standards, to meet modern clean of all kinds of medical drugs and medical equipment production requirements and standards.

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Biopharmaceutical industry requirements GMP goal is to ensure the establishment of scientific, strict sterile drug production environment, process, operation and management system, maximize the elimination of all possible, potential biological activity, dust, pyrogen pollution, the production of high quality, health and safety of drug products.

Through the in-depth research on the production environment of biopharmaceutical customers and the accumulation of engineering experience, we clearly understand the key to the environmental control of biopharmaceutical production process. Energy saving is the priority of our system program. Our best is to provide customers with the requirements of GMP and Fed209D, ISO14644, IEST, EN1822 international standards. At the same time, the application of the latest energy saving technology of environmental solutions, we can provide GMP plant planning and design - flow and logistics purification scheme, clean air conditioning system, clean decoration system, energy saving transformation of the whole plant, water and electricity, ultra-pure gas pipeline, clean room monitoring, maintenance system and other comprehensive installation supporting services.

Biological pharmaceutical industry GMP clean workshop interior decoration

1. Ceiling: with good internal insulation, dust-free and bright, the color is gray or selected by Party A, 50mm thick, and the other parts are made of light gray aluminum plate and metal dark bone ceiling, 0.6mm thick, 600X600, except in the reservoir area, the area before entering the factory and the packaging area.

2. Interval: With double-sided color steel insulation board enclosure and interval, enclosure surface to the top of the ceiling, clean corridor and workshop interval do transparent aluminum alloy half glass window, window sill high 900mm, glass thickness 8mm, high 1200mm, glass door height (2100mm), aluminum alloy window material with special purification material, 45 degrees bevel, and the ground and ceiling Angle do yuan arc and Yin Angle interface, Comply with the standard and sanitary disinfection requirements.

3. Closed door: 800X2100, glass observation window, ball channel lock.

4. Floor: the original cement floor shall be treated with EPOXY resin EPOXY surface layer, 3mm EPOXY quartz mortar between injection molding rooms, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, and 0.5mm EPOXY resin layer with the color of Apple green or as selected by Party A. Dust-free clean and bright, easy to clean, do not accumulate dust bacteria. Or floor materials and treatment methods shall be selected by Party A.

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