As we all know, Wuhan cleanroom sandwich panel is a panel that is very environmentally friendly and clean when used. It uses high-toughness steel to solve it through customization, and then coats a layer of bacteriostatic on the surface, and uses fluorocarbon paint to produce and process New-style engineering building decoration materials, this kind of materials can be widely used in the natural environment of diagnosis and treatment, and the scope of sterilization in food companies is very large, and the delay time is, can cover any part of the board, Cleanroom workshop and diagnosis and treatment room are all able to apply this kind of panel, is indeed a cleaning material with better actual effect.


In the past, people’s traditional disinfection methods were physical sterilization and organic chemical sterilization. No matter which sterilization method is, there is a certain timeliness. It must be continuously carried out to ensure the actual effect. This will increase the labor cost 1 The cleanroom sandwich panel with high cost performance can prevent the growth of germs. This kind of cleanroom sandwich panel made after production and processing has light weight, good rigidity, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance and high aging resistance of the board. In addition, the color tone of the sandwich panel after coloring the sandwich panel is uniform and varied, thus improving the indoor space for everyone to choose. The specifications, models and colors of the cleanroom sandwich panel can be customized.


With the development of science and technology, the requirements for anti-static, antibacterial and dust proof in the field of clean workshops are getting higher and higher. Sparks caused by static electricity are easy to cause fires and explosions, which affect the normal operation of electronic equipment: environmental pollution produces more bacteria, some antibiotics have been non-connected, and pathogenic bacteria infection threatens the lives of people with weak resistance.


Wuhan cleanroom sandwich panel adopts the complete integration of rigid sandwich panel and soft veneer, and has stronger structural mechanics and structural characteristics. The distinctive structure type of steel calcium plate is a new material of environmental protection, energy saving, environmental protection and physical and mental health. It has been widely used in urban rail stations in big cities, tunnel construction in big cities, airports, construction of internal and external walls of buildings, etc. The method of plate is very simple, dry hanging stone can be installed, construction time can be saved reasonably, and cleanroom plate can play a greater role.


Post time: Jun-24-2022