The quality of the construction results of the cleanroom project will directly affect whether the project can meet the cleaning requirements of the enterprise. Therefore, the construction requirements have clear requirements on the details of the construction design. The construction is carried out in strict accordance with customer requirements and industry standards. Look at the decoration requirements of the cleanroom project.

(2) The surface of the wall and ceiling should be smooth, flat, free of dust, dust-free, impact-resistant, easy to clean, and reduce uneven surfaces. The junction of the wall and the ground is rounded with a radius equal to 50mm. The color of the wall should be harmonious, elegant, and easy to identify.

(3) Doors, windows and interior walls should be straight, and the structure should consider the sealing of air and water vapor, so that particles are not easy to penetrate from the outside and prevent condensation caused by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. Interior doors, windows and partitions between rooms of different cleanliness shall be sealed.

6. cleanroom engineering in the construction process should control the amount of dust in the construction process, especially the ceiling, wall and other hidden space, clean at any time.

7. In the room where you install the filter, you cannot carry out dust decoration operations.

8. Pay attention to protect the completed working surface during the construction of the cleanroom project, and shall not cause depression and dark crack of the plate due to impact, knocking, trampling, multi-water operation, etc.

Post time: Mar-02-2023