Judging from the name, the clean room should be a dust-free space and can also be used as a cleaning room. By controlling the concentration of suspended particles in the air, the clean level of particles in the space reaches a certain level, thereby controlling the role of pollution control space. At present, many processing industries in the society have chosen clean room as the space for producing products, such as the production and testing of electronic parts. How should these manufacturers choose the construction site when producing clean rooms? Let’s give a brief introduction to the cleanroom engineering company.
Cleanroom project


The cleanroom engineering company introduced that when the manufacturer builds the site selection of the clean room, the first thing that should be considered is that the address should be conducive to the production of the enterprise, and can save investment and operating costs. Of course, it also needs to facilitate life. The location is selected in a place with good natural environment and water quality, so that the air contains less impurities, and manufacturers in areas with a large amount of dust, smoke and harmful gases should stay away as far as possible, such as airports and railways.


The cleanroom engineering company introduced that the location of the clean room should also pay attention to the wind direction, face up as much as possible, and maintain a certain protective distance. The company also needs to pay attention to some matters for the layout of the clean room. The production and living areas should be scattered and reasonably arranged, just like the production process of some products may have cross-infection, so attention should also be paid to isolation.


The clean room inside the factory should also keep a corresponding distance from other workshops in the factory, so as to avoid pollution sources such as dust and smoke. In addition to the building layout of the clean room, various functions in the factory area should also be matched. In addition to the water and electricity projects required for production, waste water and waste treatment facilities should also be set up to ensure normal production within the enterprise.


How to control the humidity of the cleanroom project? The cleanroom engineering company told everyone as follows:


The cleanroom engineering company introduced that many processing and production industries attach great importance to the cleanliness of the production environment, and all production and processing processes must be carried out under certain sanitary conditions. The products made in this way can meet the market demand. Humidity is also an important measurement standard in the process of processing and production. When the environmental humidity is too high, it is not good for the production work, so we need to pay attention to the control of humidity.


How to control the humidity in the cleanroom project? Indoor humidity should be determined according to production requirements, because some products have strict requirements on humidity during processing. If the indoor humidity does not meet the standard, it will affect the production effect of the product. In addition, it should also be considered whether employees adapt to humidity conditions, so various factors should be combined to determine the humidity in the environment.


The cleanroom engineering company tells everyone that when carrying out the cleanroom engineering design work, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the environmental pressure value meets the general standards. When judging whether the space pressure value is appropriate, the polluted space should be combined with the pressure of the cleanroom space. If the environmental pressure exceeds the cleanroom space, the purpose of cleanroom cannot be achieved. Therefore, strict calculation and monitoring are required, and adjustment plans are formulated based on environmental conditions.


Nowadays, the cleanroom engineering work has been recognized by many users. In the design and construction process of the project, from the selection of equipment to the installation and use of lighting facilities, attention should be paid to it. At the same time, attention should be paid to whether the production requirements are met. These are very critical factors.


Post time: Sep-07-2022