Laboratory purification engineering company introduced to the general laboratory including: routine laboratory, purification laboratory, office three parts.

Among them, decoration should mainly refer to the walls and ground of conventional laboratories, that is, the decoration and decoration of office areas;

The laboratory purification engineering company tells you that air conditioning purification refers to the purification construction of the laboratory area with purification requirements. The general bacteria detection room and purification room are required to purify ten thousand levels;

Laboratory furniture refers to the routine laboratory and purification laboratory operating table, pool, cabinet, etc.;

Laboratory purification engineering company introduced to the monitoring is refers to the construction of the camera layout; Access control refers to the construction of the door with special needs, such as some doors are certain talents can enter (such as purification area only authorized certain talents can enter, finance room only authorized financial people to enter, the door needs to record the entry and exit of employees and attendance;

Strong and weak electricity refers to: general lighting, equipment electrical construction for strong electricity construction; And monitoring, access control, telephone and so on are called weak current construction.

Laboratory purification engineering, aseptic laboratory engineering, laboratory ventilation system engineering is the enterprise for some relatively high requirements, experimental samples are relatively sensitive to the environment, or the air quality is too poor will pollute the experimental samples, Such as biological products, microbial research, brain cell laboratory, stem cell laboratory, blood cell laboratory, animal laboratory, biological safety laboratory, virus research laboratory and other occasions, will require the laboratory or some areas of the laboratory for air purification engineering system processing. In order to make the laboratory infrastructure to meet the standards of experimental requirements, the experiment can be safely carried out.

Laboratory purification engineering company told you that laboratory purification engineering is in addition to the safety of the experimental sample to protect the role, but also for the success of the experiment and the safety of the experimental personnel escort one of the major measures. Laboratory purification engineering is to open up a certain area of the laboratory, specially used to build a clean air grade, laboratory environment requirements are relatively high or asepsis room. Laboratory purification engineering system and the traditional clean room system is in fact much the same, but the laboratory of clean room pressure, microbial control and temperature and humidity control is relatively strict than the industrial clean room. Common laboratory purification engineering decorate material to have sandwich choi steel, tempered glass, fire prevention board, etc., need to clean laboratory in accordance with the “clean room construction and acceptance standard” can be a good sealing and does not produce dust material for partition, ceiling decoration, clean laboratory ventilation system generally adopts the modular air conditioning units, its air supply system and different walks of life clean room project, Not all laboratories can set up a return air system, which needs to be based on the use of the user laboratory and experimental products. Similar to the biosafety laboratory, the return air system can not be done, or the construction of a full drain clean room should be done.

The grade design of laboratory purification engineering is also very key. The cleanliness level of the general asepsis room laboratory is ten thousand, and the layout design of the general laboratory is ten thousand to ten thousand. Biosafety laboratories, positive control laboratories and microbial culture laboratories shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the static class 100 clean room standards.

What is the main energy consumption in the purification of car-free workshop? Laboratory purification engineering company is introduced as follows:

Main energy consumption of purification workshop/dust-free workshop:

1. In order to maintain the temperature and relative humidity required by the dust-free workshop, the air supply in the dust-free workshop must be processed with necessary heat and humidity (cooling, dehumidification, heating and humidification), and it is necessary to supply cooling and heat to the air conditioning purification system, and the steam will consume a lot of energy.

2. In order to ensure the cleanliness, temperature, humidity and other parameters of the dust-free workshop, it is necessary to send a large amount of air to the dust-free workshop, and the power equipment such as the air blower and water pump also consumes considerable energy.

3. The laboratory purification engineering company introduced the energy consumption of cooling, heating and steam as well as the power consumption of air and water supply equipment with the higher the clean level, the greater the energy consumption.

4. The laboratory purification engineering company tells you that the main load of the cooling load in the dust-free workshop is the fresh air cooling load, which eliminates the cooling load of the process equipment and the process heat production and offsets the cooling load of the fan and water pump, and these three loads account for more than 90 percent of the total cooling load; The cooling load of the envelope, lighting and operation personnel is less than 10 percent of the total cooling load.

Reasons for high energy consumption in purification workshop/dust-free workshop:

1. Purification air supply is large. The air volume of dust-free workshop of different purification levels and the air volume of comfortable air conditioning in the same area is 1.5 to 55 times, and the air pressure is 2 or 3 times, so the temperature rise and cold consumption of the fan is very large.

2. The fresh air volume of dust-free workshop air conditioning purification system is large. In general, the fresh air volume is equal to the sum of the exhaust air volume and the positive pressure leakage air volume, so the production process exhaust air volume is large, so the new air volume is large. Therefore, the heat and humidity treatment of fresh air is very high energy consumption.

3. The process equipment and process heat in the dust-free workshop is large, and it runs continuously in two or three shifts. Therefore, it consumes a lot of energy.

4. The temperature, humidity and accuracy of the production process in dust-free workshop are very high and strict. That’s why it consumes a lot of energy.

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