What are the advantages of handmade sandwich panel and ordinary sandwich panel? Wuhan Tianjia the sandwich panel manufacturers tell everyone as follows:

In the process of using sandwich panel, more and more people choose to use handmade sandwich panel, handmade sandwich panel has gradually become the mainstream product of cleanroom workshop construction, so what are the advantages of handmade sandwich panel compared with ordinary sandwich panel? Why more and  more people choose handmade sandwich panel products?


Wuhan Tianjia sandwich panel manufacturers introduced the adhesion of handmade panels. As the manual uniform glue dripping equipment works more finely than the machine’s uniform glue dripping equipment, the manual glue dripping is more uniform, thus the adhesion of handmade sandwich panels is stronger than that of mechanism sandwich panels! In order to ensure the adhesion of the sandwich panel, the general handmade sandwich panel often  uses brand adhesive to fully ensure the adhesion of the sandwich panel.


Selection of Plate Type

Since the mechanism sandwich panel equipment often uses conventional sandwich panel molds, the plate type of the mechanism sandwich panel tends to be standardized, while the handmade sandwich panel has a wide range of selectivity, and various specifications and models can be customized according to customer needs Non-standard panels can meet the needs of customers for diversified products according to the thickness, width, plate type and other parameters specified by customers!


Advantages of Handmade Core Material

Wuhan Tianjia sandwich panel manufacturers tell everyone that the core materials of handmade sandwich panels are: glass magnesium, rock wool , paper/aluminum honeycomb , glass magnesium grid ,PU,EPS,MGO, etc. Generally, the fire resistance and fire resistance limit of the core materials of handmade sandwich panels are much higher than the commonly used foam sandwich panels! Therefore, the requirements for fire prevention performance of projects that choose handmade panels are often very high!


Craft and method of manufacturing sandwich panel

In addition to the above factors, customers who choose handmade sandwich panels often pay attention to the self-cleaning, dust proof, anti-static and other factors of the panel surface! handmade sandwich panels are often used in food workshops, medicine workshops, electronic workshops and other projects with more stringent environmental requirements. Therefore, such projects also have more requirements for panels. handmade sandwich panels often use special manufacture craft and method to make sandwich panel, which meet the requirements of customers for the environment.


Wuhan Tianjia sandwich panel manufacturer introduced that handmade sandwich panel is selected by more and more projects due to its own advantages. However, Baorunda Xiaobian still needs to remind everyone to see whether the handmade sandwich panel of the manufacturer has passed the fire resistance test and obtained the fire resistance certificate, and carefully observe whether the flatness of the handmade sandwich panel reaches the standard before closing the transaction.

Post time: May-21-2022