Regarding the antibacterial and antistatic properties of the Cleanroom sandwich panel, the manufacturer of the Cleanroom sandwich panel is introduced as follows:

Cleanroom sandwich panel which is a composite panel made of stainless steel or galvanized steel plate as the surface material and coated with a chemical layer on the surface. It has the characteristics of dust prevention, anti-static and antibacterial, and is widely used in electronics, pharmacy, food, biology, aerospace, and other fields. The reason why the product can avoid external pollution during use mainly depends on its antistatic and antibacterial characteristics. The following Cleanroom sandwich panel manufacturers will carefully introduce these two characteristics.

With the development of science and technology, the requirements for anti-static and anti-bacterial dust prevention in the field of cleanroom projects are getting higher and higher. Because sparks caused by static electricity are easy to cause fires and explosions, and will also affect the normal operation of electronic equipment, environmental pollution will also produce more germs, and some antibiotics can no longer be suppressed. Pathogen infection is for patients with weak resistance. The life of the company has brought a huge threat. In order to solve these problems, the Cleanroom sandwich panel manufacturer has introduced a Cleanroom sandwich panel with good antibacterial effect, this can solve the above problems to a large extent and better protect our life safety.

The manufacturer of the Cleanroom sandwich panel introduced that special conductive materials are added to the coating of the Cleanroom sandwich panel so that the surface of the Cleanroom sandwich panel has a resistance of 107-109, and static electricity can be used to form electric energy release, prevent dust adhesion, and easy to remove. At the same time, the Cleanroom sandwich panel has The advantages of drug resistance, abrasion resistance, pollution resistance, etc. The color plate coating of the anti-cleaning Cleanroom sandwich panel uses a special enamel antibacterial agent, which has non-toxic and semi-permanent antibacterial effect and far-infrared radiation effect and is mostly used in places with higher requirements for hygiene and cleaning.

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What are the advantages of cleanroom sandwich panel over color steel plate? The manufacturer of cleanroom sandwich panel tells everyone as follows:

Color steel plate has always been a new type of building material that is widely used and widely used in modern building materials. As a building material, the development of color steel plate is not long, but it can stand out among many building materials. The reason is that it is easy to install and cut. Because there is no need for on-site composite processing, it greatly shortens the construction period and reduces the cost of installation and construction. Once it is launched, it quickly becomes a new type of building material sought after by all.

1. From the appearance point of view, the shape of the Cleanroom sandwich panel is smooth, and the filling inside is very substantial, while the color steel plate is only coated with a layer of color paint on the surface of the steel plate.
2. From the practical point of view, the Cleanroom sandwich panel is mainly used in electronics, medicine, precision instruments, and other areas where the environmental requirements in the house are relatively strict, while the color steel plate is mostly used for the movable Cleanroom sandwich panel house on the construction site.

Post time: Sep-16-2022