1.What’s cleanroom sandwich panel?

Cleanroom sandwich panel is also called sandwich panel. Generally, color steel plate and stainless steel plate are used as surface panels, rock wool is used as core material, and the composite sandwich panel is specially used for partition walls and suspended ceilings of cleanrooms and dust-free workshops.

Sandwich Panel SP



2. Usage of cleanroom sandwich panel:

According to the different materials of the cleanroom sandwich panel, it can be divided into rock wool, glass magnesium, ceramic aluminum, stainless steel printing and many other composite sandwich panels. These classifications are also reasonable choices according to their different use environments. Among them, the cleanroom sandwich panel made of rock wool has a very good fire prevention effect and can be applied to projects with high temperature and fire prevention requirements such as aerospace laboratories. The glass magnesium material has a flat appearance, a long fire resistance time, and will not melt during combustion, and there is no high-temperature decomposition of dripping matter. It belongs to the domestic high-grade fireproof building decoration composite sandwich panel, and is suitable for ceiling, enclosure and clean products of Cleanroom rooms, industrial; anti static antibacterial material has high conductive and anti-bacterial effects, prevents dust adhesion, and is easy to remove. At the same time, the sandwich panel has the advantages of drug resistance, abrasion resistance, pollution resistance, etc. This type of sandwich panel is suitable for hospital operating rooms, ceramic manufacturing, etc. Clean workshop.

3. Cleanroom sandwich panel has the following functions:

1. Anti-static

Surface resistance value 106-109/at10Vsq. (Electrical components, computers, semiconductor materials, flammable coal bed methane, organic solutions, biochemical high-tech, etc. require ant istatic and high-definition work sites

2. Sterilization-resistant natural environment

The service life of hydrogen peroxide resistance is 4-6 times that of color steel tiles for general engineering buildings, and the service life of sodium hypochlorite solution is 3 times that of color steel tiles for general engineering buildings (common disinfection and sterilization concentration value and frequency)

3. Cold and wet natural environment

Long-term continuous high temperature and low humidity in the natural environment to maintain a long life without causing serious fading, foaming, delamination and

other damage to the coating surface, for strong acid and strong alkali natural environment has a strong ability to resist work, is 2-4 times the service life of ordinary color steel tiles.

The structural principle of Wuhan Cleanroom sandwich panel: the concentration value of gas floating particles and microbial strains, and the space or limited space with controllable main parameters such as temperature, environmental humidity, working pressure, etc., should comply with heat insulation, heat insulation, fire safety, Waterproof, less dust production, etc.


Post time: Jul-01-2022