Tianjia has built a new purification workshop for Anhui Crystro to help its industry upgrade, hoping to continue to lead in the field of production and research and development.
Anhui Krischuang Crystal Material Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological company specializing in the production and development of crystals. Its product application scope is mainly concentrated in communications, aerospace, automobile, medical, beauty and other industries. TGG crystal is an excellent magneto-optical crystal, photovoltaic applications in fiber laser isolators and other devices; GGG crystal is an excellent YIG, Bi: YIG substrate material, photovoltaic applications in optical fiber communication isolator; YAG is an excellent laser crystal, used in solid-state lasers. GAGG scintillation crystal is a key and ideal material for PET-CT and CT imaging in the field of nuclear medicine.

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Crystro has extensive business in the world and will establish a global sales network in the next two years to improve the supply of high-quality crystal products and solutions for customers.

In the field of production, Crystro has perfect fully automatic production equipment. At present, its products are mainly concentrated in the production of YAG, TGG, GGG and GAGG. It applies advanced technological processes, namely manufacturing technology, to reduce energy consumption and ensure sustainable development.

In the field of research and development, Crystro has established a crystal research and development center to develop different kinds of crystals. Provide technical support and training services to customers for new applications and new product research and development.

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Post time: Aug-11-2022