At this conference, the Organizing Committee of CHCC China Hospital Construction Conference also prepared a number of excellent activities for all medical construction colleagues, including 2022CHCC Hospital Construction Award Ceremony, Hospital Investigation, All Committee of Hospital Construction and Equipment Branch of China Medical Equipment Association, 2022 Editorial Committee of China Medical Equipment Magazine, Expert Public Welfare Consultation, Exhibition of Academic Monographs on Hospital Construction and Management in China, New Book 2022 Conference, Cultural Dream Building-Medical Construction Industry Standards, Papers, Monograph Writing Salon, etc. CHCC2022 close to the global hospital construction market demand, the scale of the exhibition area has been upgraded again, according to the hospital construction procurement process innovation layout of 16 exhibition areas. Tens of thousands of exhibits cover medical engineering innovative equipment, medical laboratory systems, medical gas engineering, medical water systems, medical logistics transmission systems, hospital HVAC electrical systems, medical clean rooms and special ward projects, hospital soft fittings and furniture parts, hospital ceiling projects and innovative materials, innovative materials for wall and wall decoration, innovative materials for floor decoration, innovative technologies for doors, windows and accessories, hospital planning and design and general engineering contracting, and intelligent hospital system solutions and logistics and operational support, complete coverage of the whole process of hospital construction system solutions, one-stop solution to all the hospital builders learning exchange procurement needs.


With the gradual advancement of the “Healthy China 2030″ strategy and the “14th 5″, China’s hospital construction industry has entered a period of rapid development. With strong industrial cohesion and industry appeal, the 2 3rd China Hospital Construction Conference gathered personnel from the global medical construction industry to explore issues related to the construction of beautiful hospitals in the new era and promote the high-quality development of China’s modern hospital construction. On July 23, Wuhan International Expo Center.


Post time: Aug-02-2022