Regarding the anti-leakage method of purifying manual plates, let's take a look at it with the manufacturers of purifying sandwich panels:
1. Small seam method:
(1) one-component waterproof glue with a width of 60 ㎜ sunshine 2000PA can be applied at both ends of the seam, and the seam is adjacent to 20 ㎜ without coating.
(2) non-woven fabric (or glass fiber cloth), the width of the cloth is 150 ㎜, and it is pasted on the waterproof glue coated with sunshine 2000PA.
(3) Apply to non-woven fabric or glass fiber cloth for 3 times. After brushing, it is 50 ㎜ wider and 1.8 ㎜ thicker than the previous one. The coating does not stick to your hands after the previous application.
2, board joint larger method:
(1) PU sealant for DM-600 sealer can be embedded in the seam.
(2) Apply 60 ㎜ wide sunshine 2000PA one-component waterproof glue at both ends of the seam, and do not apply 20 ㎜ adjacent to the seam.
(3) non-woven fabric or glass fiber cloth, cloth width 150 ㎜, pasted on the sun 2000PA waterproof glue.
(4) Apply sunshine 2000PA one-component waterproof glue to the pasted cloth for 3 times. When painting, the latter time should be 50 ㎜ wider than the previous time, with a thickness of about 1.8 ㎜, which
is thick in the middle and thin on both sides. After painting, the more than one time coating should not stick to your hands.
How to improve the quality of purification and decoration of operating room? The manufacturer of purified sandwich panel tells everyone as follows:
Purification sandwich panel manufacturers introduced to the operating room purification is a professional, high comprehensive requirements, difficult decoration project, planning and decoration messy, skill
risk. Demand purification company has a high professional nature, with rich planning, manufacturing, installation and after-sales experience, to ensure the quality of the operating room purification decoration.


Operating room purification has a high engineering quality. First of all, it should be satisfied with all the functions required by the surgical operation. Secondly, it should also ensure to a large extent that it is close to a sterile environment and reduce wound infection. To create a favorable working environment for medical personnel. The manufacturer of purified sandwich panel told everyone that the purification and
decoration requirements for operating rooms are very professional. What should we pay attention? Quality requirements for purification decoration of 1. operating room. The air duct connects the inside and outside of the operating room, so in the process of purification operation of the operating room, the sealing performance is good, and the demand is not air leakage, dust, dust accumulation, pollution, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and low price, convenient construction. Energy-saving requirements for purifying air conditioners in 2. operating rooms. The manufacturer of purified sandwich panel introduced that in the planning process, the operation of the air conditioner should be fully considered to be very power-consuming, and attention should be paid to its energy saving and some energy-saving measures should be added. It is necessary to accurately plan the temperature, air supply volume and orientation of the air conditioner, which can save the cost of purification and decoration and reduce the cost. Harbin Purification sandwich panel Project Planning requirements for 3. telephones and fire fighting equipment. The operating room purification specification should plan telephone and fire-fighting equipment, that is, reduce the movement of personnel, reduce the amount of dust, and facilitate the communication of medical personnel in various departments. Fire fighting equipment is essential in the purification of the
operating room, which can effectively reduce emergencies and avoid greater loss.


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