Clean windows, double-layer hollow 5mm tempered glass, can be matched with machine-made boards and handmade boards to create a clean room board and window plane integration, with the beautiful overall effect, good sealing performance, and good sound insulation and heat insulation effects. Clean windows can be matched with 50mm handmade boards or machine-made boards, breaking the shortcomings of traditional glass windows that are not high in precision, not sealed, and easy to fog. It is a good choice for a new generation of clean space industrial application observation windows.
The double-layer clean windows are all double-layer hollow glass with good sealing performance and thermal insulation performance. According to the shape, it can be divided into rounded edge and square edge cleanroom windows. According to the material, it can be divided into one-time molding frame cleanroom window; Aluminum alloy frame cleanroom window; Stainless steel frame cleanroom window. Widely used in cleanroom engineering, covering medicine, food, cosmetics, and electronics manufacturing industry.

Features of double-layer clean window:
(1) Sound insulation: To meet people’s needs for lighting, viewing, decoration and environmental protection, generally hollow glass can reduce noise by about 30 decibels, while hollow glass filled with inert gas can reduce noise by about 5 decibels on the original basis, thus reducing noise of 80 decibels to 45 decibels and extremely quiet.
(2) It has good thermal insulation performance: the K value of the heat conduction system, the K value of a single 5mm glass is 5.75kcal/mh ℃, the K value of general hollow glass is 1.4-2.9 kcal/mh ℃, the K value of hollow glass filled with argon and sulfur fluoride gas can be reduced to 1.19kcal/mh ℃ at the lowest, argon is mainly used to reduce the K value of heat conduction, while sulfur fluoride gas is mainly used to reduce the dB value of noise, the two gases can be used alone or mixed in a certain proportion.
(3) Anti-condensation: In the environment of large temperature difference between indoors and outdoors in winter, single-layer glass doors and windows will have condensation phenomenon, while hollow glass will have no condensation phenomenon.

Post time: Feb-14-2023