Wuhan sandwich panel is very common in our daily life. sandwich panel with different core materials and different plate types can be suitable for different construction needs, especially for industrial factories, public buildings, composite houses, cleanroom projects and other construction fields. moreover, the color of sandwich panel is also relatively large. according to the different environment, the color demand for sandwich panel is also different. the color of sandwich panel is used? The wide application of sandwich panel? The following is an answer for you by our colored steel engineers.

 sandwich Panel


Selection and Use of Wuhan sandwich panel Color:

First of all, when choosing the color of the sandwich panel coating, it is necessary to consider whether it is commensurate with the color of the surrounding environment. From a technical point of view, the sandwich panel has more choices for light color coatings, and some inorganic pigments with good durability can be selected, because the heat reflection performance of this coating is relatively good, and it is beneficial to extend the life of sandwich panel when the temperature of the coating itself is relatively low in summer. Sometimes the color of the sandwich panel itself is different according to the needs of customers, so when using it, you also need to consider your actual needs more.

Application of Wuhan sandwich panel:

1. Industrial plants and warehouses

Colored steel plates are mainly used for roofs and exterior walls of factories and warehouses. Wuhan sandwich panel combines mature light steel structure to provide better heat insulation effect. Reflecting a series of advantages of light steel system, such as light weight, high efficiency, flexible layout, etc., it has become a good choice for the current single-storey factory building. For multi-storey industrial plants, in addition to the roof of the roof house, steel plates can be used to flexibly arrange the exterior walls, and color coating panels of various colors and shapes can be used to decorate the appearance of the building. For industrial buildings that require constant humidity, steel plates with better thermal performance than brick walls can be used as enclosure materials, which can greatly save operating costs after completion.

2. Public buildings

Colored steel plates are mainly used for roofs and exterior walls of public buildings with large space requirements. Because public buildings have a series of functions that require higher requirements than industrial buildings, such as providing more space, indoor air conditioning and fire protection functions. At present, most of these buildings use grille or tubular truss roof truss structures, so higher requirements are placed on roof slab materials in terms of light weight, heat insulation, fire and waterproof, sound absorption and durability.

Post time: Jun-10-2022