About the installation process and requirements of purification color steel plate, Wuhan purification color steel plate construction company is introduced as follows:

1 wuhan purification color steel plate construction company introduced to familiar drawings, carefully review the color plate layout, node requirements, color steel plate and construction, color steel plate itself, filling, basic size requirements, in color steel plate partition door, window size and layout, the type of auxiliary materials and other unspecified content.

2. Second row plate drawing, which is an important step in the prefabrication and installation of color steel plate, is to transform the design drawings into available for second processing in the factory, the standard specification plate into different types of panels, combined to reflect the design intention of the middle conversion diagram, and in the color steel plate factory to produce standard plates, assembled at the construction site, That can ensure the firmness of the wall and speed up the installation of color steel plate.

3. In factory prefabrication, according to experience, the gap and installation allowance should be fully considered between the door, window and seam. And in the whole transportation production, installation process, to prevent scratches, heavy weight and surface impact, to prevent the occurrence of uncorrected pits and scratches. The plastic protective film on both sides of the color steel plate is only allowed to be removed after thorough cleaning after installation.

4. The wiring work before the installation of color steel plate should be carried out after the completion of the ground (floor) surface, and other related conditions such as the installation of large equipment has been transported in place, the hidden ground pipeline has been adjusted and the main installation work of technical interlayer is basically completed. Line out is to draw color steel plate horizontal projection on the ground (50mm wide) and the position of the door and window. The center line of upper and lower manger shall be on the same vertical plane. The error shall be within 1.0%, that is, 3mm.

5. Install the upper and lower manger, the lower manger is generally used with internal and external R Angle aluminum alloy profiles. The nail is fixed on the line drawn on the ground. The position of the nail is 1.2-1.5m apart from the straight line, and the corner and the terminal distance from the edge is 0.2m. Before using the sealing rubber strip, put two rubber strips (ф 2-3) into the slot, and form waterproof isolation and sealing after the nail is fixed.

Wuhan purification color steel plate construction company introduced to the upper manger for pressing slot aluminum, hard ceiling with nail gun fixed on the roof, soft ceiling with suspender suspended under the level, the height of the ceiling net height shall prevail.

6. Thin vertical panel, prefabricated components are loaded according to layout drawing, and fixed plug-in is used to lock adjacent panels between components. Special attention should be paid to the combination of the erection of the panels and the electrical concealed piping and boxes.

The panel should be vertical, the vertical seam should be close, the smaller the gap is, the more beautiful, the vertical seam is uniform.

During operation, carefully clean the protective film on the vertical seam and temporarily remove it, but do not remove it.

Clean up the sundries in the tank and the adhesive liquid solidifies hard blocks. Otherwise, it is difficult to adjust the vertical joint evenly and compactly with great force.

7. Install the suspended ceiling plate: the weight support of the roof is through the vertical plate fixed on the periphery and the t-type aluminum suspended in the middle. The long side seam is fixed and strengthened by fixing plug-in, and the short side is fixed by t-type aluminum and rivets with pull mandrel of connecting plate.

Hanging flat top strive to level, plate joint dense uniform, smooth, no trace, no injury. Operation attention with the vertical panel.

8. Color steel plate column, box, R Angle of Yin and Yang

The column in the purification area with б=50 color steel plate is wrapped separately to save materials and unify the Yin and Yang R Angle is 50.

First in the door and window hole into the stainless steel door frame fixed firmly, pay attention to the opening direction of the door, install window glass. The door closer should adjust the opening speed and power, generally in the first half of the closing speed is fast, the second half of the torque is small, slow, in order to reduce the impact and noise of the closing.

9. Sealed silica gel: in the purification area, all the following gaps that may affect cleanliness should be coated with sealed silica gel:

Wuhan purification color steel plate construction company to tell you the joint between the color steel plate, R Angle and wall, roof all gaps;

Gaps between air duct, tuyere, hePA filter and wall roof;

The electric passes through the gap between the protective pipe groove of the wall panel roof and the edge of the hole;

The gap between all switch socket lamps and color steel plate top board surface;

All processes, water supply and drainage, protection pipe and the gap between the hole;

The gap between the glass and the frame;

Wuhan purification color steel plate construction company introduced that the sealed silica gel should be basically ready in the color plate installation, good sanitary conditions, after thorough cleaning and dust removal, unified. Otherwise, silica gel seam is easy to pollute and blacken. Within 24 hours after silica gel is played, there should be no large amount of dust operation and water flushing the ground, which may affect the curing and fastness of sealed silica gel.

Post time: Nov-15-2021