Hubei Refrigeration Exhibition (Central China (Wuhan) International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Cleaning and Cold Chain Industry Expo)

Exhibition is introduced: The rise of the central region is an important content of China’s regional coordinated development strategy. To serve the “rise of central China”, “One Belt and One Road” and “Made in China 2025″ and other national strategies.Play, linking the east to the west even the south of the north central region location advantages and Bridges, to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning at home and abroad, to promote the industry of new technologies, new processes, new products promotion and application, improve the industry economy development level and the innovation ability, realize the acquisition “built to stand, and walk in the forefront” ardent to entrust.The exhibition by the hubei, hunan, henan, anhui, shanxi and wuhan 6 provinces and cities such as refrigeration, co-organized planning a total area of 25000 square meters, more than 500 domestic and foreign enterprises with over 2000 new products exhibition, exhibition covers global refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump, heating, ventilation, clean, fresh air, refrigeration, cold chain logistics and other famous brands.At the same time, inviting experts from government departments, industry organizations, related enterprises and public institutions, buyers and nearly 30,000 professional visitors and users from all over the country to visit and negotiate.


Wuhan Tianjia Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a dust-free clean room system supplier integrating production, sales, design, construction and maintenance. Main: color steel plate, purification color steel plate, purification engineering, purification accessories, purification equipment, aluminum profiles and color steel plate manufacturers. The registered capital of the company is RMB 15 million yuan. At present, the company has obtained grade II qualification certificate of decoration, mechanical and electrical installation and clean room project contracting, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and management system certification, and has always been a credit rating, credit rating AAA+ enterprise. The company will be committed to providing customers with better products, more comprehensive services and constantly improve themselves.

Post time: Jul-15-2021