In the cleanroom workshop decoration, what kinds of cleanroom panels are commonly used? What are the characteristics of each? The application of cleanroom panels is also relatively common, and is widely used in cleanroom engineering fields that require indoor environments such as pharmaceuticals, biology, electronics, food, precision instrument manufacturing, aerospace, and scientific research. So do you know what types of cleanroom panels are there?

Machine-made Sandwich panel for Cleanroom

Customized core material sandwich panel used in Cleanroom

1. Rock wool cleanroom panel
The rock wool cleanroom panel is a kind of “sandwich” structural panel made of color steel profiled panel as the surface layer, structural rock wool as the core layer, and compounded with special adhesives. It is a cleanroom panel with strong fireproof effect, which can be blocked on all sides, and reinforcing ribs are added in the middle of the panel to make the panel surface smoother and stronger.
2. Flame-retardant paper honeycomb cleanroom panel
The paper honeycomb core is made of flame retardant paper, and the two side steel sheet can be made of color steel plate or stainless steel plate.
(1) Its flame retardant is B1 level (only charring but not burning).
(2) High rigidity, high strength, strong bearing capacity, good thermal insulation and sound insulation effect, strong flame retardant ability, and no toxic ingredients.
3. Glass magnesium grid handmade cleanroom panel
The glass magnesium grid handmade cleanroom panel is glued to the glass magnesium mesh board, the two sides are galvanized steel sheet, and the surroundings are made of cold-drawn profile frames, which are glued into shape. Main applications: clean room ceiling, enclosure , industrial panels, warehouses, cold storage, air conditioner wall panels.
(1) Sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, earthquake resistance and fire prevention performance are good. The filling materials of the product are all A-class flame retardant materials, which will not melt when burned, and have no pyrolysis drippings. It belongs to the domestic high-grade fireproof building decoration composite panel.
(2) Flat and beautiful. The products include steel-sheet rock wool core panels, steel-sheet aluminum (paper) honeycomb core panels, steel-sheet gypsum core panels, steel-sheet MGO rock wool core panels. Special core materials and plates with special specifications can also be made according to customer requirements.
4. Glass magnesium flame retardant paper honeycomb cleanroom panel
The glass magnesium is a non-combustible material, and the glass magnesium flame-retardant paper honeycomb Cleanroom panel has passed the fire-resistant test of the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the fire-resistant time is 62 minutes.
(1) High fire resistance rating
(2) Excellent surface flatness
(3) Good compressive strength
5. Antistatic, antibacterial cleanroom panel
With the development of science and technology, the requirements for anti-static, anti-bacterial and dust-proof in the field of clean engineering are getting higher and higher. Sparks caused by static electricity can easily cause fires and explosions, and will affect the normal operation of electronic equipment; environmental pollution produces more germs, some (such as Staphylococcus aureus) antibiotics have been effectively inhibited, and pathogen infection makes the resistance weak People’s lives are threatened. In response to higher demand, our company is the first to launch high-efficiency antistatic, antibacterial and dust-proof cleaning panels in the field of cleaning.
The antistatic cleanroom panel uses special conductive pigments added to the coating of the color panel, so that the surface of the color panel has the advantages of chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and pollution resistance. The anti-clean panel coating uses a special enamel-based antibacterial agent, which has non-toxic, semi-permanent, anti-bacteria effects and far-infrared radiation effects.
6. Paper honeycomb handmade cleanroom panel
The paper honeycomb handmade panel is paved with paper honeycomb core material, both sides are made of steel plate, and the surrounding is made of cold-drawn profile frame, which is glued into shape. It is mainly used in the ceiling, enclosure and net products of clean rooms, industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage, and air conditioner wall panels.
7. Aluminum honeycomb handmade cleanroom panel
The core material of the aluminum honeycomb handmade panel can be inorganic (glass magnesium panel, gypsum panel), aluminum honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb + glass magnesium panel, etc., and the two sides steel plate can be painted by color-coated, galvanized, stainless steel and other specific materials.
(1) The appearance is beautiful, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, earthquake resistance, and fire resistance meet national standards.
(2) The fire rating is Class A, and the surroundings are made of galvanized sheet cold-drawn frame or plastic steel frame.

Post time: Mar-10-2023