The inner surface of the cleanroom (area) should be flat, smooth, free of cracks, tightly connected, free of particle shedding, and able to withstand cleaning and disinfection. The junction between the wall and the ground adopts a curved structure to facilitate cleaning and reduce dust build up. The air tightness of the clean room (area) is the most important thing in the construction. We will do the partition of different levels of areas, the treatment of partitions between classified areas and non-level areas, the treatment of clean rooms (areas) and technical mezzanines and The sealing of all kinds of electric pipes, water pipes, air pipes and liquid pipes passing through the clean room area ensures no leakage.

Cleanroom panel installing2


The installation of cleanroom sandwich panels adopts the following methods:

1.1 Positioning and setting out
(1) Measure the length and width dimensions of the civil works, and compare the tolerance dimensions of the floor plan to the civil works.
(2) According to the floor plan, use the vertical and horizontal laser instrument to release the partition lines of each room.
(3) Measure the diagonal lines of each room during the setting-out process, and control the tolerance not to exceed 2/1000, and gradually digest the civil engineering tolerance in each room.
(4) Pop up the modulus line according to the floor plan to release the position of the door and window.
(5) The position line of the door is 50mm larger than the actual size of the door opening (25mm on each side), and the position of the door should be placed on a board as much as possible.

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