Wuhan TianJia cleanroom sandwich panel is widely used in hospitals, operating rooms, clinics, etc. These are all high-standard and demanding architectural requirements. Why can Wuhan TianJia cleanroom sandwich panel be so trusted? Today, We will talk about the advantages of cleanroom sandwich panel.

1.The surface layer is dense and dust-free: The surface layer of the cleanroom fire-proof sandwich panel adopts a special process to spray high-performance fluorocarbon coating and ceramic inorganic coating. The surface is dense and dust-free, which can fully ensure the air clean of the cleanroom space.

2.Excellent scrub resistance: The surface of the fire-proof cleanroom sandwich panel has no effect after thousands of scrubbing tests, ensuring that the surface of the cleanroom room still maintains the original color after high-frequency cleaning.

3. Durable weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance: The characteristics of fluorocarbon coatings make the sandwich panel have good weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance. In the case of cleaning the medical cleanroom with a large amount of solvents and disinfectants, the purified inorganic sandwich panel can still maintain the color of the surface and will not fade at all.

4. High fire prevention: fire prevention can make you no longer worry about annoying fire prevention and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property. However, the smoke density, the height of the smoke tip, the humidity of the smoke, and the average remaining length of combustion all meet or exceed the-level composite standard.

5. High cleanliness: high self-cleaning and extremely low surface performance. Surface dust can be directly cleaned with clear water. Excellent hydrophobicity (water absorption rate less than 5%) and oil resistance. The friction coefficient is extremely small (0.15-0.17), no dust and no dirt, and good antifouling performance. The silver ion cleaning coating of the fire-proof cleanroom sandwich panel of the invention has good antibacterial properties, resists the survival of various infectious bacteria on the sandwich panel surface, reduces the possibility of disease infection, and keeps cleanroom for a long time. The pre-coated panel only has installation problems on site, does not need to be repainted, will not cause pollution on the construction site, and will not leave pollution problems after the completion of the project.

6. High energy saving: good heat preservation performance. In general, the use of Ubisoft antibacterial cleanroom sandwich panels no longer requires backing insulation materials, which can effectively meet the 65% national energy-saving standards. In the requirements of building interior decoration and interior partition decoration materials, sound insulation, sound absorption and earthquake resistance are internationally advanced.

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7. Corrosion resistance: The characteristics of inorganic plates make them not corrode like metal materials, even if the surface coating is damaged, they will not corrode, will not pollute cleanroom space, affect the appearance, and will not corrode fixed parts.

With the development of science and technology, the requirements for anti-static, antibacterial and dustproof in the field of cleanroom engineering are getting higher and higher. Sparks generated by static electricity are easy to cause fires and explosions, which will affect the normal operation of electronic equipment; environmental pollution produces more bacteria, some antibiotics (such as Staphylococcus aureus) have been effectively suppressed, and pathogen infection threatens the lives of people with weak resistance. In view of the higher demand, our company is the first to introduce high-efficiency anti-static, antibacterial, and dust-proof cleaning sandwich panels in the cleanroom field.

The anti-static purification sandwich panel uses special conductive pigments to be added to the color sandwich panel coating to make the color sandwich panel surface have a resistance of 10-100. Static electricity can be released through this to prevent dust from adhering and can be easily removed. At the same time, the plate has the advantages of drug resistance, wear resistance and pollution resistance. A special enamel antibacterial agent is used in the color coating of the cleaningsandwich panel, which has a non-toxic antibacterial effect and a far-infrared radiation effect. Having summed up so much, I believe everyone has a new understanding of cleanroom sandwich panels. The purification industry specializes in the production of cleanroom sandwich panels , and there is a certain amount of precipitation in the industry. For more relevant information, please call for advice.


Post time: Apr-25-2022