Sandwich panel is a kind of construction site fence, which is used for road construction fence, infrastructure renovation and other protective facilities.  steel guardrail frame is stable, strong resistance, more practical than general guardrail. Because the frame is made of ed steel, the quality is guaranteed and stable, and the weight of light steel is not very heavy.

The core of the  steel fence consists of 3 parts, namely supporting columns, diagonal braces and steel bars. The stability of the shell is greatly improved, and it also has good advantages in quality. It is also very cost-effective, because it can be recycled, so it can be used multiple times, and it is also very convenient to disassemble and transport, which can save a lot of time.

Handmade Rock Wool&Glass Magnesium Sandwich Panel5


Recycling and environmental protection. The new  steel shell is made of metal materials and can be recycled. The new surface spraying technology can ensure that the surface of the shell is more corrosion-resistant and prolong its service life. The above are some product features of  steel guardrail. There are many different fence products on the market now. Of course, consumers also buy according to their actual needs when purchasing, hoping to provide some help to everyone. If you have any questions, you can also contact us directly or keep an eye on our follow-up updates.

The production process of  sandwich panel enclosure is a kind of site maintenance and a kind of profile isolated from the outside world after machine profiling, painting, bending, etc. It is suitable for construction sites, construction  steel enclosure, highway maintenance, and construction A light and external isolation plate on the site, its fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof and light weight characteristics are widely used

Sandwich panel enclosure should be neatly and stably placed, and the location should be based on the principle of not hindering road traffic and pedestrian passage. Except for entrances and exits, they must be continuously closed to ensure that the construction site is isolated from the outside world. Before  steel enclosure, traffic guidance signs should be made, and special personnel should be assigned to maintain traffic order. No surplus soil, construction materials and other sundries are allowed to be piled up near the steel enclosure area, and the cleanliness of the area shall be ensured.

Conventional site sandwich panel enclosure is a common and widely used form of site enclosure advertisement. The height is generally not more than 6 meters, and there is no elevation difference in the longitudinal direction. It is usually visually communicated through the creativity and  of the picture. With the development of urban construction and the increase of high-rise buildings, the development of steel structure housing in China is very rapid. As a kind of green environmental protection building,  steel enclosure structure housing has been listed as a key promotion project by the Ministry of Construction. Especially in my country’s large and medium-sized cities, there are more people and less land resources, and people have higher and higher requirements for residential density and environmental green space. The application of steel structure housing on a large scale is the development of my country’s productivity to a certain stage. The inevitable product.




Post time: May-11-2022