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Purification door its elegant appearance, durable, flexible opening. The user chooses aluminum alloy material, stainless steel material and automatic sealing device according to the demand, in order to prevent insects and other small animals from entering the clean workshop, can also arbitrarily select window type, size and door color and lock type.

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Products using special coated sheet as the panel can greatly improve the corrosion resistance and color stability of the product; The interior is filled with B1 grade fireproof material; External aluminum profile edge, beautiful, generous, easy to clean. Suitable for operating room door and auxiliary room door, laboratory or ward door. Professional gas sealing can ensure dust particles channeling to the clean area.

Installation method of clean door

1. Connect with mid-placed aluminum connectors, and then fix them with fasteners. The fasteners shall be sealed off with caps, and the door frame shall be sealed with special silica gel to maintain integrity and  aesthetics, and pay attention to maintaining the levelness and  verticality of  installation;

2. Manual panel door frame rear mounted, directly connected with fasteners, sealed with special silica gel around the door frame, maintain integrity and beauty, pay attention to maintain the levelness and  verticality of  installation;

Features of clean room doors

1.Door panel: the door panel frame is made of electric sand white, plastic spraying and frosted aluminum alloy high-end door material. The steel plate of the door panel is made of high-precision manual door panel. Core material paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, polyurethane, rock wool and so on

2.Door frame: the use of electric sand white, plastic spraying, grinding aluminum alloy high-end door frame material production, aluminum alloy frame lock hole precise positioning, no gap butt lock body.

3.Others: this product with double Windows and lifting sweeping strip, lock standard with an heng tong lock, can also be selected for the owner of the brand;

4.Specifications: Standard size: 800X2100, 900X2100, 1500X2100, 1800X2100, can also be made according to customer requirements





single Door

Stainless Steel Door
Unequal Door

Double Door







Frame Thlckness(mm)

5o(Customized if required)


Powder coated steel plate


Blue/Grey white(Optional)

View Window

5mm double tempered glass,400*600mm
(Right or round angle optional)

Standard Fittings

Stainless steel lock,key,handle and hinge,seal strip,bottom seal

Ptional Fitting

Door closer, interlock device,access control

Pening Direction


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