Machine-made Slincon Rock Sandwich Panel

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The silica rock sandwich panel is mainly made of polystyrene, which is originally a good low thermal conductivity raw material. It is then extruded to form a tight structure, which effectively prevents heat conduction and has high resistance. , the characteristics of low linear expansion rate. The difference from rock wool board is mainly in the temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and temperature resistance limit of the board. The use of silica purification board can not only meet the requirements of thermal insulation and energy saving, but also prevent fire.

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Product features of Silicon Rock Sandwich Panel

1.Heat-resistant silicon rock sandwich panel can withstand a high temperature of 250-300 ℃ for a long time and can withstand a high temperature of 400-500 ℃ in case of fire. Silicon rock sandwich panel is stable in polymer, and it is also a variety with high stability.

2. Flame retardant Good flame retardancy, heat resistance, no smoke, no harmful gas. It is because the amine-free radical is a good absorbent, in the process of high-temperature decomposition, the free radical generated by the broken methylene bridge is quickly absorbed by the amine-free radical, preventing the reaction from continuing. This phenomenon makes the modified polyimide extremely difficult to burn.

3. There are only hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen atoms in the low-toxicity and low-smoke silica rock color steel plate. When decomposed at high temperatures, only products composed of carbon and oxygen can be produced, and there is no other toxic gas except a small amount of co. Modified PIIPN has 5% large gas-sucking volume and polyurethane has 74% gas-killing volume. In comparison, modified PIIPN’s large gas-sucking volume is quite low.

4. Anti-flame penetration Silicon rock sandwich panel has carbon formation, no drop, no curling, and no melting phenomenon under the direct action of flame. After the flame is burned, the foam is retained, and it is only a layer of graphite foam on the surface, which effectively protects the foam structure of the inner layer. Its flame penetration is very strong.

5. Insulation silicon rock sandwich panel has a uniform and meticulous closed-cell structure, and the thermal conductivity is only 0.022-0.040w (MK) after mixing with polystyrene particles, and its thermal insulation performance is equivalent to that of polyurethane and extrusion.

6. The strength of silica rock sandwich panel is not significantly affected by temperature, and it does not shrink or become brittle at low temperature -196 °C. The mechanical temperature of the gas remains unchanged. Long-term use in the range of -196℃-130℃



Machine Made Sandwich Panel

Effective Width






Surface steel panel thickness


Core Materials

EPS, EPFS, PU, Rock Wool, Glass Magnesium, Sulfur oxygen magnesium, Aluminum/paper honeycomb, Silicon Rock,

Surface Treatment



White(conventional), green, blue, Grey, etc

Common Character

Wear resistance,heat resistance, Corrosion resistance, High Gloss, Good Hardness, Sound Insulation, Heat Preservation, Flame Retardant

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P film&wooden carton,or as your request.

About 160 pieces of sandwich panel can be put inside the 20FT container,

About 320 pieces of sandwich panel can be put inside the 40GP container.

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