Manual air volume control Damper

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The air volume control valve has a basic structure, and the valve plate, the baffle is placed in the middle of the air pipe, and can rotate parallel to the channel plate about the intermediate shaft. The Angle of the cross section of the air pipe changes the cross section of the air pipe flow, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the air volume.

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To withstand wind pressure, a disc needs to be relatively thick and heavy. In addition, since a large amount of space is required to rotate the disc, the air volume can be adjusted by changing to multiple parallel plates that rotate like shutters.

The so-called "multi-page" is an electric multi-leaf air volume control valve that replaces the door with a shutter and uses an electric motor to control rotation.

Where is the air volume regulating valve installed in the fan?

If the fan pumps air to multiple locations, a flow control valve must be installed on the supply branch to distribute the air flow.

A flow control valve may be installed at the inlet or outlet of the fan if the fan is delivering air to one place, but check valves are usually installed at the outlet.

The application of air volume control valve in the new fan duct

Suitable for fresh air system, exhaust system, variable air volume air conditioning system, purification air conditioning system, etc. This also shows that proper use of constant flow valves in projects can optimize system design. It promotes balance between air supply and exhaust, as well as balance of air volume in the system, thus reducing commissioning work.


Teach you how to choose air volume control valve

Air volume dual control valves, also known as air conditioning doors, are essential central air conditioning terminals for ventilation, air conditioning and air conditioning projects in industrial plants and private buildings, and are often used as air ducts for air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is used to regulate the air volume of the branch pipe and can also be used to regulate the mixture of fresh air and return air.


Characteristics of air volume control valve

(1) The connecting pipe size of the shunt multi-blade air volume control valve is the same as the rectangular duct size stipulated in the national ventilation pipe standard.

(2) The blade of the air volume control valve is split open and forward open, and used as the control valve of ventilation, air conditioning and air purification system.

(3) According to the test, the air tightness of the air volume regulating valve is good, the relative leakage is about 5%, and the regulation performance is good. Air volume control valve material: unpolished galvanized plate (ordinary galvanized plate) or carbon steel valve.


Structure principle

Electric air flow control

Suitable for supply or exhaust air

The air volume range is about 5∶1

Differential pressure range 20 to 1000 pa

The precision of air volume control is high. Ensure that the layout of air ducts meets the optimal airflow characteristics

The air volume is set or programmed before delivery, and the air performance of each device is tested on the calibration table. Relevant parameters are identified on the test label attached to each device

Re-measure or set air volume value on site if necessary

Mount horizontally or vertically

Air valve can be closed completely

The tightness of THE VAF valve disc is good when closing, and the air leakage rate is not more than 5℅

The regulator is a mechanical component that requires no maintenance

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