Machine-made Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

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Using medium and high density rock wool as the core material, galvanized or color coated board as the surface layer and high strength adhesive, through high-speed continuous automatic molding machine heating, pressure composite, after trimming, slotting, cutting the new generation of architectural decoration board, with thermal insulation, convenient installation characteristics. It is a new type of fireproof plate with the strongest fireproof performance in the same kind (sandwich plate series).

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The Main Feature of Machine-made Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Rock wool sandwich plate is a rock wool product specially designed for metal sandwich panels. It has the advantages of precise geometric size control, good fiber toughness, high compressive strength, shear resistance and strong cutting force. Generally, it can be customized according to the requirements of customers. Rock wool sandwich panels have the most superior fire resistance among the series of sandwich panel.

1. Excellent fire resistance

2, Good heat insulation

3.The sound absorption and heat insulation effect is remarkable

What is Machine-made Sandwich Panel?

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