Machine-made Paper Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

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Paper honeycomb sandwich panel is a new type of high-tech building material, which has gradually replaced traditional core materials such as rock wool, EPS and PU. The paper honeycomb sandwich panel has better performance than the traditional core material sandwich panels: it has higher flame retardancy, lighter self-weight, stronger load-bearing capacity, better sound insulation effect, and stronger environmental protection performance. Paper honeycomb purification panels have been widely used in clean building industries such as electronic, biological, food, pharmaceutical, hospitals, military, etc., and are products of modern buildings.

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Product features of paper honeycomb sandwich panel

1. Light weight, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation;

2. High strength, good rigidity, the pressure per square meter is 12-13 times, and the maximum can reach 50 tons, far exceeding the national standard of 1 ton pressure per square meter;

3. The cushioning and shockproof performance is better than that of wooden products;

4. If necessary, it can generally also be moisture-proof and mildew-proof;

5. Recyclable, recyclable, degradable, no secondary pollution;

6. no pests;

7. Easy to handle and operate, improve transportation efficiency; reduce labor intensity;

8. Not easy to damage, can reduce costs;

9. The price is lower than wood, and the appearance is beautiful, and the market competitiveness is strong.

What is Paper honeycomb sandwich panel?

The paper honeycomb sandwich panel is made of kraft paper to form a regular hexagonal structure. It is made a

ccording to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. It is a corrugated base paper connected by adhesive bonding method into countless hollow three-dimensional regular six deformations, forming a whole stress-bearing part-paper core, and A new type of environmentally friendly and energy-saving material with sandwich structure made by bonding panels on both sides.

It has the advantages of convenient installation, time saving, material saving, good flatness and high strength, and is especially suitable for ceiling and partition systems.

Green packaging has become the development trend of today's product packaging. Corrugated honeycomb composite paper board is made of scraps and 100% recycled paper from the carton industry, and can be recycled many times, making it a recyclable and environmentally friendly product. Its production process does not produce three industrial wastes (wastewater, waste residue, waste gas), which meets the requirements of national environmental protection. It saves a lot of wood and complies with the environmental protection regulations of various countries in the world.



Machine Made Sandwich Panel

Effective Width






Surface steel panel thickness


Core Materials

EPS, EPFS, PU, Rock Wool, Glass Magnesium, Sulfur oxygen magnesium, Aluminum/paper honeycomb, Silicon Rock,

Surface Treatment



White(conventional), green, blue, Grey, etc

Common Character

Wear resistance,heat resistance, Corrosion resistance, High Gloss, Good Hardness, Sound Insulation, Heat Preservation, Flame Retardant

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P film&wooden carton,or as your request.

About 160 pieces of sandwich panel can be put inside the 20FT container,

About 320 pieces of sandwich panel can be put inside the 40GP container.

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