Machine-made EPS Sanwich Panel

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Polystyrene foam sandwich panel is based on polystyrene resin as the main body, increase flame retardants, fireproof insulation adhesive on polystyrene foam panel for fireproof coating modification, so that fireproof insulation adhesive penetrates into the polystyrene foam panel to prepare polystyrene fireproof insulation panel.

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Product features of EPS panel

1. Excellent thermal insulation performance: Polystyrene insulation board is mainly made of polystyrene as raw material, and polystyrene is originally an excellent low thermal conductivity raw material. The thermal conductivity of polystyrene board is 0.028/m.k, which has the characteristics of high thermal resistance and low linear expansion rate. The thermal conductivity is much lower than other insulation materials.

2. High-strength compressive performance: The compressive strength of the polystyrene board is extremely high, even if the blisters remain unchanged for a long time, it has a large bearing capacity and good impact resistance;

3. Excellent water resistance and moisture resistance: Polystyrene board has a tight closed-cell structure, polystyrene molecular structure itself does not absorb water, and there are no gaps on the front and back of the board, so the water absorption rate is extremely low, and the moisture resistance and penetration resistance are excellent.

4. Anti-corrosion and durability: Polystyrene board has excellent anti-corrosion, anti-aging, heat preservation, and its service life can reach 30-40 years.

5. Light weight, high hardness, convenient construction and low cost: the complete closed-cell foaming structure of polystyrene board forms light weight, while the uniform honeycomb structure makes it hard to be damaged, easy to handle and easy to install,It is easy to cut and will not affect the bearing capacity of the structure when used as roof insulation.

6.High-quality environment-friendly type: the energy-gathering plate is not easy to decompose and mildew, has no volatilization of harmful substances, and has stable chemical properties. It is a high-quality environment-friendly product.



Machine Made Sandwich Panel

Effective Width






Surface steel panel thickness


Core Materials

EPS, EPFS, PU, Rock Wool, Glass Magnesium, Sulfur oxygen magnesium, Aluminum/paper honeycomb, Silicon Rock,

Surface Treatment



White(conventional), green, blue, Grey, etc

Common Character

Wear resistance,heat resistance, Corrosion resistance, High Gloss, Good Hardness, Sound Insulation, Heat Preservation, Flame Retardant

What Is Handmade Clean Room Sandwich Panel used for?

Widely used in high-tech electronics, medicine, chemical, food and other industries of purification enclosure, ceiling, industrial workshop, warehouse, oven, air conditioner wall panels and other clean fields.

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P film&wooden carton,or as your request.

About 160 pieces of sandwich panel can be put inside the 20FT container,

About 320 pieces of sandwich panel can be put inside the 40GP container.

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