Led Purification Fixture Clean Light For Cleanroom

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Led flat panel  light energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared, no ultraviolet, no electromagnetic interference, no thermal effect, no radiation, no stroboscopic phenomenon. The  lights are light in weight, embedded and suspended, easy to install.

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LED Clean light is very suitable for production, life and work to study a clean environment of all walks of life.

Clean light can be widely used in pharmaceutical factory, food factory, school, hospital operating room, sanatorium, electronics factory, dust-free workshop, laboratory, transportation engineering, precision instruments, fine chemicals, new energy and other places.

LED Clean light is an essential choice for clean lighting in dust-free workshop projects, but it is usually the final matter determined by clean room to complete the design scheme, because the main function of clean room and clean room is to reduce indoor pollution and impurities as much as possible, and to create space in perfect conditions for production or work.

Therefore, when determining the type of purification engineering  lights to be used, it is not only necessary to consider the lighting brightness level required by the purification workshop, but also to consider the influence of the choice of such clean lighting  lights on air cleanliness.

Decorated clean  lights and lanterns, LED by the borders, fixed screw,  lightshade optical chimney, sealing pads, side reflectors, light source module, stainless steel light plate, light source module fixed screw, install screw, suction a top drive power source, the input wire, set the light source module in on the fixed plate of stainless steel  light dish, with light source module, the fixed screw through the side of the screw holes on the light source module will be reflective The cover and the light source module are fixed on the stainless steel  light plate; The driving power supply is arranged in the side groove of the stainless steel  light tray, and the sealant pad is fixed on the optical  light shade, and the optical  light shade is fixed on the stainless steel  light plate with the  light shade fixing screw, and the outer decorative frame buckle is installed on the optical  light shade. The utility model is ultra-thin and easy to clean, realizing the  lights and lanterns with small heat, longer life, higher light efficiency, less power consumption, no mercury and other harmful substances, and conforming to the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection green lighting in modern society.

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