Easy Install Portable HEPA Fan Filter Unit For HVAC System

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Liquid tank seal laminar flow cover is the air through the hePA filter at a certain wind speed, forming a jun layer, the use of clean air is vertical unidirectional flow, so as to ensure that the working area to meet the process requirements of high cleanliness. Closed structure, low shape, light weight of the shell.

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Liquid tank seal laminar flow cover is a kind of air purification unit that can providelocal clean environment. It can be flexibly installed above the process point that requires high cleanliness. Liquid tank seal laminar flow cover can be used individually or composed of several belt clean areas. It is mainly composed of box body, fan, primary effect air filter, damping layer, lamps and lanterns, etc., the shell is stainless steel or plastic spraying. The product can be suspended, and ground support, compact structure, easy to use.

The clean laminar flow hood allows air to pass through the HEPA filter at a constant wind speed and then forms a uniform layer to allow it to flow in a vertical unidirectional flow, which is the required cleanliness of the work area process.

Class 100 Clean Laminar flow hood is a device that creates a local high cleanliness environment in a low cleanliness environment, bringing the local working environment up to class 100. It can be independently formed into a return air system or connected to a piping system. The purification area is flexible and low in composition. Noise centrifugal fans and attenuators are mounted in the form of suspension or bracket. The box body is made of 304 stainless steel with solid structure and safe and reliable electrical system. Widely used in electronic equipment, medicine, national defense, science and technology and biotechnology and other fields. Ideal equipment to achieve high purification level in low purification area.

Class 100 layered flow hoods provide safe cleaning, drying, filling and sealing lines for precision electronic operating rooms and pharmaceutical workshops, cleaning, drying, filling and sealing lines for antibiotic vials, and cleaning, drying and sealing lines for oral liquid vials. Used for clean air supply process of filling line and large infusion line.


Liquid tank seal laminar flow hood




Overall dimensions 

Customized as request

clean class


Air velocity




Speed Control

six-speed is adjustable

Rated Air Flow

Customized as request

Power Supply

220V 50Hz


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